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Silver Solution with NanoSilver Technology

Widely used for personal healthcare, biomedical applications, including diagnoses, treatment, drug delivery, and medical device coating.

SilvrSTAT Antibacterial Wound Dressing Gel

Wounds are a major threat to public health and the economy. The cost of wounds to the US healthcare system annually is measured in billions of dollars. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the treatment of chronic wounds alone exceeds an estimated $25 billion each year.1 Acute and emergency wound care related to trauma, surgery and burns is required for millions of procedures. Skin scarring, an additional burden of wound healing, represents an annual cost of $12 billion.

Healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients are looking for improved treatment options and healing rates to minimize potential complications and shorten hospital stays. The pressure to reduce overall costs of wound care, to include nursing time and medical supplies, is greater than ever. Biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals and
medical devices have become the focus of product innovation and are sure to impact the outcomes-oriented environment of emerging markets. SEE FULL STORY