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Silver Solution with NanoSilver Technology

Widely used for personal healthcare, biomedical applications, including diagnoses, treatment, drug delivery, and medical device coating.

Pro Dentist Q4 2012 Cover Story Article

Over the past several months, we’ve had some interesting discussions with Drs. Duncan and Willoughby and there are a number of reasons we chose them as our CoverDocs™ for this year-end edition. They are intensely dedicated to continuing education and clinical innovation, and have a passion for the profession. We were particularly interested, however in the work they’re doing in nanotechnology, which is the basis for the following interview.

In order to create the framework for the business case for this fascinating progressive technology, the interview is definitely more clinical in nature than usual for our publication. We think you’ll agree, however that the clinical applications naturally translate to new opportunities for better patient care, better results and a great way to set your practice apart from any others in your community. SEE FULL STORY